Craig McGibbon - Business Development Course

I attended the first APL Business Development program early 2018.  I felt the need to attend the event as though parts of my business were successful there were areas l felt desperately needed work and l wasn’t sure how to tackle them as well as finding the time to focus on them.

Ken White opened the first day with ‘Good Morning Guinea Pigs’, which completely broke the ice and l was unsure what to expect from the course.  l definitely groaned when our trainer, Alastair from Cedar Associates, said we are going to show you how develop a business plan covering the next 3 to 5 years.  Personally l had a vague unwritten future plan, but reality was l was only really considering the next 3 to 6 months of project work.

For such dry subject, Alastair did a fantastic job of taking us step by step through the process, with fun interactive team games and time to develop your own plan using numerous techniques.  He did a brilliant job of keeping us on topic, our industry is full of people who love to talk and laugh, as well as refereeing the competitive games.

After the first two days, l was driving home thinking where do l want the business to be in 3 years time?  It wasn’t the until the next day driving to site, through the rain, cataloguing the various aches and pains that l had the moment of clarity of l need to be generally off the tool, concentrating on building and maintaining the business as well as training and mentoring existing and future landscaping staff / apprentices.

With a clear goal in mind, with the other sessions,  l developed.  On the final day, we presented our business plans to the group and other industry professionals, which were critiqued and feedback given.

Our ‘Snowflakes’ group bond and camaraderie has been very strong.  In the last few weeks l have meet up with numerous members at events and the question is always asked, ‘how are you getting along with your business plan?’ making us feel accountable to the other members.

I am actively following the clear business plan and direction l now have from this business course.  I have implemented numerous items, few areas l am struggling to implement but actively pursuing them.

Highly recommended – 5 stars – priceless!

Craig McGibbon - Garden Design & Landscaping