After the success of the last seminar on paving, the APL are holding a one-day technical seminar, sponsored by London Stone, looking at the challenges of vertical landscaping. Industry experts and practitioners will be on hand to provide information and technical knowledge about all aspects and types of vertical construction and finishes. The event takes place on 26 September at Horticulture House, Chilton, Oxfordshire.

This day will be packed and fast paced and will include topics and speakers such as:-

Kate Gould, Kate Gould Gardens, will be joining us to look at the design process. This will include the considerations that should be explored when including free standing or retaining walls in your projects. This will cover purpose, site assessment, materials, aesthetics and costs. All of these areas should be explored before the design. Then a look at what information contractors should expect from construction drawings supplied.

Oliver Magnusson will discuss the role of a structural engineer. Many contractors have issues of when or if a structural engineer should be approached. In this session we look to give good practical advice on if required when should they be approached and by whom? This will also cover what the costs may be, and who should pay for it. 

There are many types of walls with many uses and in this session we look to explore these. Paul Hensey, Green Zone Design Ltd, will discuss backing walls, and we will also look at facing walls, concrete block, brick and stone. We will take a really good look at the choices available and the technical aspects of each.

Craig Potter, London Stone, will be talking on Design Clad, a very popular porcelain cladding system used as an alternative to rendering. He will discuss the pros and cons of the system, but also installation methods.

Previous APL Chairman and Managing Director of Landform Consultants, Mark Gregory, will be talking about waterproofing and weep holes on retaining walls. He will also share case studies around the design elements and applications, and also a case study around the previous talk from Paul Hensey.

The day will also take a look at Gabion Systems, specialist mortars, wall drainage, compact earth walls, dry walling, rendering systems and finish with an industry debate on all that was picked up in the day. It will be fast paced and informative. A day to provide education and invaluable networking.

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