The Association of Professional Landscapers (APL) have teamed up with Paxman Landscapes at this year’s Harrogate Spring Flower Show to build a garden that has the family unit at its core; an outdoor space to enjoy the company of your nearest and dearest, to dine, to relax and to build beautiful family memories. The design concept leads Mum, Dad and the children from the evening alfresco meal down to the fire pit. Reflect on the day’s events, laugh, share stories and build new memories – all under the stars with a glass of red or orange squash.

“My Family” is the latest showpiece from Paxman Landscapes, the third successive creation at Harrogate Spring Flower Show.

Justin Paxman, Director of Paxman Landscapes, said: “The emphasis of this year’s show garden is My Family – traditional values – mealtimes in the open air, spending quality time with family and friends and sharing stories of the day’s toils. We’re a traditional family business at Paxman Landscapes and this fits perfectly with the way we run things. It’s also a great representation of how the APL has developed into one big landscaping family.”

Designed to simply translate into any family garden, the outdoor experience takes you from a simple calico-covered outdoor dining room, down through the coursed Indian stone path to a stone quadrant, where a bench and natural log seats encircle the fire pit, ready to warm hearts and souls after dinner.

The gardens boundary is defined by its woven oak perimeter fencing and punctuated by beautiful, hand-selected trees for shade, privacy and stunning vibrant foliage and bark contrast.

The plant selection echoes the warmth of the fire and the coolness of the breeze through the spring and summer evenings. An evergreen wall connects the garden to the outdoor dining room and creates a living backdrop. Subtle lighting beneath the tree canopies helps create iridescence across the landscape. Water trickles beneath the green backdrop, reflecting the serenity and ambience of the garden itself.

A massive thanks to all those who helped create this year’s garden including Paxman Landscapes, Jacksons Fencing, Cozy Bay Furniture Limited, Kadai Fire bowls and JA Jones and Sons.

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