Urban Flow 

Built and Sponsored by Garden Club London

Tony woods has taken the environmentally friendly approach, with flood and pollution limitation, as well as a friendly habitat for wildlife. More over it will be visually pleasing with stunning leaf colours and attractive shapes.


The Seedlip Garden

Built by  Landform Consultants Ltd

Dr Catherine Macdonald has designed a 4x4 planting grid, which includes unusual varieties of snap and snow peas. Alongside will be a planting palette which is made up of edible varieties of peas and flowers.


The Embroidered Minds Epilepsy Garden

Built by Conway Landscapes

Embroidered minds is to raise awareness of epilepsy . The garden represents a state of seizure. There will be visually pleasing aspects but also educational aspects from the garden.


The David Harber and Savills Garden

Built by Langdale Landscapes

This garden is a theatre, a garden designed to showcase how sculpture and planting can tell a narrative. As the garden evolves the sculptures and planting become more eye catching and formal.


Laced with Hope

Built by Frosts Landscape Construction

Sponsored by Frosts Garden Centres

Laura has been inspired by Supershoes and what they do as a charity for children on their journey with cancer. It is filled with colour, sculptures and large flowers in the planting.


The Warner Edwards Garden

Built by Frogheath Landscapes

With the aim to capture the natural spirit of the English countryside, they have used natural materials. Including stone, water and be friendly plants. The natural spring water feature can be used anywhere and is highly relaxing.

Welcome to Yorkshire Garden

Built by Landform Consultants

Inspired by the Yorkshire Dales this garden captures the essence of the county. With woodland, butter cup meadows and a colour scheme of pink, purple and white celebrates Yorkshire.



The Pearlfish Garden 

Built by The Garden Builders

To celebrate the underwater garden of our great oceans, the planting is dominated by cacti and succulents to imitate underwater coral. This garden is also  to raise concern of the impact of plastic waste on our ecosystems, a call out to brands to change their packaging to a more sustainable option.


The Lemon Trust Tree

Built by Landscape Associates

It  inspired by the resilience, determination and ingenuity of refugees living in Domiz camp in Northern Iraq. Cooling and calming water flows throughout the space, which is collected in channels and pools and pumped back through the brimming central Islamic-inspired fountain.

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