A Place to Meet Plant List

The plants are what make a show garden and this year has been one of the toughest yet.

The pallette for the garden was muted, using shades of greens, creams and whites. We have tried to incorporate some structural planting with the Taxus Balls, the large spikes of Aganpanthus and larger Hydrangeas, mixed in with perrenials to give you excitement and calm through the summer months.

The list is as follows:
Some repeat in all beds, and some may have been missed)

Pergola area    
Tracleospernum Jasminoides  Hedera Variegata Sagina Subulata
Asplenium Angustatum Dryopteris Felix Mas Dryopteris linearis
Pachysandra Terminalis Calamagrotis Karl Foerster Vinca Minor Variegata
Vinca Minor Variegata Carex Everillo Astrantia White Giant
Bar Area    
Sorbus Intermedia Sanguisorba Alba Hosta Elegans Alba
Alchemilla Mollis Selinum Walichianum Geranium Sanguineum Album
Hosta Devon Cream Pittosporum Golf Ball Soleiloria
Hydrangea Anabelle Actaea Racemosa   
Rill Area Both Sides    
Hebe Sutherlandia Thymus alba Gaura Lindheimeri
Gypsophylla Repens White Cerastium Tomentosum Salvia Schnegugel
Lavandula Arctic Snow Liatris Spicta Alba Hebe Green Globe
Achillea New Vintage White Molinea Transparent Deschampsia Cespitosa
Hydrangea Paniculata Vanille Fraise Betula Jacquemontii Multistem Erigeron Profusion
Centranthus Alba Panicum Virgatum Tiarella Cordifolia
Thymus Aureus Artemesia Powis Castle Agapanthus Polar Ice

Hydrangea Annabelle

Bed by Water Feature

Clethera Barbinervis Astrantia Shaggy Thymus Aurea
Hydrangea Limelight Polemonium White Pearl Meuhlenbeckia
Mukdenia Karasuba    

    Hedge and Front Planter 

     Carpinus Betulus                                           Pittosporum Golf Ball