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The Devils in the Detail

Reuse, recycle, up cycle and sustainability are all terms that are widely used within the design and landscape industry. This garden feature incorporates over 60% reused and recycled material, natural stone from the United Kingdom and a bio diverse planting scheme. 

We are showing you that recycled materials will have some imperfections, but with professional installation can still look good.

However, included are a number of common faults sometimes found in newly landscaped gardens.

The Devils in the Detail

This has been designed by Artform

Built by (so far) Hardwood landscapes, Bushy Business and Artform.

It couldn't have been completed without the support of the following people and companies.

Garden House Design, The Pergola and furniture.

Cherry Carmen, Garden design and Planting

Form Plants, The Trees

Humblebee Gardeners, The Plants

CED, The Paving

Landscape Plus, The Lighting

Composite Prime, The Decking

Steintec, The permeable mortars

Oase, The Corten Cube Water Feature

Weatherit Ltd, The Corten Cube with Shower Head

Bury Hill Top Soil Soil and Compost for the Planters 

Growing Revolution. The Living Wall. (Plantbox)

Products and Support

Canopy and Furniture - Garden House Design
Corten Water Feature - Oase
Paving and Cobbles - CED
Large Corten Cube - Weatherit Ltd
Living Wall - Growing Revolution
Plants - Humblebee Gardens

Plant List

We have endeavoured to name the plants that are within the garden. 

In no particular order, the borders contained.

Astrantia Major Florence

Verbena Bonariensis Lollipop

Erigeron Karvinskianus

Hydrangea Little Limelight

Nepeta Purrsian Blue

Penstemon White Bedder

Achillea Ptarmica Diadem

Silphium Mohrii

Rodgersia Bronze Peacock

Sanguisorba hakusansis Lilac Squirrel

Sanguisorba Tanna

Sanguisorba White Tanna

Nepeta Subsessilis Washfield

Allium In Orbit

Pittosporum Tom Thumb

Pittosporum Golf Ball

Leucanthemum Cream Puff

Salvia Amistad

Achillea Millifolium Pink

Pennisetum (Grass)

Trachleospernum Jasminoides

Campanula Portenschiligiana

Geranium Coombland White

Plants were supplied by Humblebee Gardeners.

So What Were the Faults.

  1. Paving on LHS of feature was laid with inconsistent jointing. Some joints were as wide as 30mm and some as narrow as 3mm. 
  2. Paving cracked and loose. It is very rare that a professional landscaper would leave a cracked paviour in your project, just check during your snag meeting. Look out for fissures. Loose paviours are paviours that have not bonded.  This could be because they have not had SBR on the backs, backs are dusty or have a residue on them. Mortar mix incorrect.
  3. Deck boards not cut flush to the fascia board, so leaving wide gap.
  4. Random expansion gaps on deck boards.
  5. Screws not straight and some proud of the board.
  6. LHS planting border has sun loving mxd with shade, tall plants at the front. Looks good now, but in time would be a poor border.
  7. RHS brick wall at end of border is just single skin (1 brick wide). The pressure of water build up in the bed, soil and root growth would eventually make this crack or fail completely.
  8. LHS brick wall, whilst now incorporating a block behind the brick, still does not contain any weep holes to relieve water pressure, but also bottom course of bricks should be engineering bricks.
  9. Pond liner ordered too big for water feature, so untidy folds.

Devils in the Detail

Decking Image
Paving Image
Planted Border Image
No weep holes, no engineering brick
Single skin brick wall
Pond Liner not fitting correctly

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